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Bohler’s Service Centre

For Austrian-based steel business Bohler-Uddeholm using The Workshop has opened up opportunities for the company and secured good staff who have gone on into full-time jobs.

Over the past twelve months Bohler’s service centre, based in Taylor’s Lane, Oldbury, has taken on 10 staff through The Workshop, which successfully brokers staff for employers across the region.

And for three of the staff the temporary placements have now led to permanent positions in warehousing with the steel stock-holding company.

Currently 3 more members of staff have been taken on by the business through The Workshop, which currently has a 92% success rate of staff being employed full time by employers at the end of their assignments.

Venetia Hardiman, from The Workshop, said: 'We have developed a good working relationship with Bohler, who expect good quality staff.

'We regard Bohler as a company that provides excellent opportunities for young people who want employment in manufacturing and we feel confident that the level of experience they get is a sound start to their future careers.  I’m sure that for those who have already been taken on full time there is a lot of potential to do well with Bohler.

'We have already been asked by the company to sign up more staff with them so it bodes well for the future.”

Bev Smith, HR manager at Bohler-Uddeholm, said she was very happy with the service provided by The Workshop, which was proving beneficial to the business.

She said: 'It is working very well for us, we’ve had good staff come through The Workshop and we have taken three of them on already. It helps a great deal that The Workshop organise both the employment and training of the apprentices until they get their qualifications and reach a standard that we are able to offer them a permanent job.”

The Workshop is different from traditional recruitment agencies. It employs the flexible employee, deals with wages, holidays and paperwork, and then simply hires the person to employers though a weekly agreement.

The Apprenticeship Works brokers agree a job description and shortlist candidates from its pool of screened applicants.

Once the member of staff has been with an employer a few weeks and it is working well The Workshop then arranges a local training company or college to provide the right training the company needs.

For more information about The Workshop contact 0845 873 3855.

Pictured in the warehouse are the Workshop staff who also gained their NVQ qualifications in warehousing at Bohler- Uddeholm UK.